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When I started as an entrepreneur in 2018, I wanted to create a concept of the ingredients I had personally gained strength over the years. The powers of the plants, the sensitizing beauty of the flowers, the caring safety of the water, and the homey heartbeat of the perimeter drum had been key to my own path of healing.  In addition to their medicinal properties, plants also have a lot to offer mentally and emotionally.  

With beauty and luxury, I was able to provide a unique experience that touched every woman I met.


My home spa is located in Sotkamo. My concept has also expanded to my own product line; Kalevala Goddess Collection. I also train Kalevala Goddess Ceremony Baths coaches.  


Empowering online courses will take you to the sources of your own resources through plants and our mythology, and retreats will provide you with a memorable journey to yourself.


The Ceremony Bath is a concept I have created that combines both luxurious and traditional care, the powerful influence of sound and drum, and the empowering themes of Nordic mythology. Give yourself a chance to shine, and surrender to the bosom of beauty and powerful care. The ceremonial bath can be booked as an individual treatment or as a foot bath for groups.

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