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Embark on a mythological journey into the realm of plants
and find your inner resources.

The work of Eve Maria Leino leads her readers to the sources of the early forces of femininity, back home.

There awaits a fascinating and timeless world of goddesses that draw power from the surrounding nature.

The female characters familiar from the ancient Finnish legend come to life as 26 cards illustrated by Tytti Leiwo, each of which opens a new door for realizing our inner resources.


These 26 goddesses take us to ancient wisdom in a very practical way in the form of various exercises, recipes and rituals.


The guide provides information on, among other things, wild herbs, nature, and healing recipes  and herbs, as well as empowering exercises - while recalling something ancient and familiar.


Eeva Maria Leino is a botanist and entrepreneur. In her work, she wants to help women find a connection to nature, empowered by the female characters in our own mythology. The return to the nature of the Goddess is her first work.


Tytti Leiwo is a visual artisan and a university student in ethnology and anthropology. He is particularly interested in northern ethnography, deep ecological thinking, and moderation as a way of life. For him, nature is the home of soul and body, and a return to our own nature is best accomplished by approaching our own mythological and geographical roots.

The book contains 26 cards.


Paluu jumalattaren luontoon - Polku pohjoisen voiman ja myyttien juurille

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